Feb 052014

After reviewing the space, agency imperatives and some of the challenges over the last weeks, let’s take a look at some of the growth drivers… some of which might seem a bit counterintuitive

  • Inevitable increasing focus on value and rationalised access to newer more expensive therapies vs restrictions to listing on grounds of cost
  • Emerging models of universal healthcare systems, which will both constrain expenditure and call for rational prescribing of innovative tx, but grow overall volume potential
  • Increasingly complex and evidence-based messaging will be required by healthcare providers to its publics, payors and prescribers
  • Connections and value of exchange between opinion leaders are not well understood (despite intensive use of social media); this offers scope for more rationally targeted communications
  • Increasing westernisation of lifestyle-driven disease, increasing class of consumers able to pay out of pocket for unreimbursed products (private market), increasing access to healthcare through progressive move to universal access will drive growth
May 152012
  1. Heavily fractured market and small market shares
  2. Rate and nonlinearity of regulatory change
  3. Irregularity of medical training and prescribing practice
  4. General macroenvironmental unpredictability
  5. TRIPS and its effects on innovation
  6. Unfavourable pricing models, including eg the Anhui model
  7. Relatively limited out-of-pocket market
  8. Unsophisticated salesforce techniques
  9. Geographical factors and multi-speed market
  10. Undeveloped marketing communications