Jul 192015

Interesting to read that, oft-criticised in this respect, the health care industry is speeding up its embrace of social media.

While we are still in the early days of brands building their social media muscle, the strongest companies are putting in place the tools, processes, and people to unlock the wide range of value potential.

Health Care Playing Social Catch-Up

Health Care Playing Social Catch-Up

May 312012


  • Brazil and China marketing investments up in 2011


  • Decline of more than 3% in worldwide investments


  • Brazil saw a total spend of $4.4 billion (+8.4%)
  • Detailing and sampling +8.6%
  • Samples represent 17% of marketing channel mix
  • Meetings third most important channel


  • China’s total sales force and other marketing channel investments $1.4 billion
  • Highest percentage increase among the emerging markets, +26.6%
  • Sales force detailing +23.4%
  • Meetings = 17% of marketing investments (+42.5%)
  • Companies trying to diversify channel activities to increase physician reach

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Apr 042012


  • Pharmaceutical sales force levels in 2011 fell just 1.8%
  • New opportunities in China
  • Decline in the number of reps in the USA and Japan
  • 413,565 reps in 2011 compared to 421,223 in 2010
  • USA (73,762 reps, -7%)
  • China (65,827 reps, +18.6%)
  • Japan (54,236 reps, -10%)
  • Brazil +3.5%


  • Spain, UK (stable)
  • Italy -1.7%
  • Germany -2%
  • France -12%

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Jul 042011

There are so many numbers presented so often from so many sources I thought it might be an interesting exercise to capture them where possible in a rolling update. By categorising them only under ‘marketing spend’ you can trawl through just these by selecting this tag. There’s no easy way of presenting these stats from a global perspective and probably nothing much to be gained from trying, but it is interesting to try and glimpse through the hyperbole of, eg ‘shift to digital’ or what exactly ‘decline in rep numbers’ means when China is adding them at a rate previously unseen anywhere in the world.