Hypertension – Generic Challenge


Finding a Space to Play | Hypertension

Challenge: The client was bringing a proven but older class of hypertension drug to market in Asia. Beta-blockers are not indicated in early-line treatment and indeed in guidelines have been pushed to the periphery of the armamentarium. The client’s product notionally had a secondary, additive effect but there was no substantive data on this aspect. There was no recent data whatsoever.

Response: In order to build prescriber awareness in the absence of the prospect of new data or support from guidelines, it was proposed that a real world observational study be undertaken. Results from such a study would act as a stimulus for debate among regional opinion leaders. A case report observational study was designed that enrolled every patient of participant primary care practitioners’ and cardiologists’ patients enrolled on the client’s product. Findings were used to seed debate and to prepare a positioning consensus statement.

Deliverables: Real-world observational study | Advisory Board |Consensus Statement

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