Integrated Health Care Communications


InCyte brings a healthy dose of pragmatism to add to that rare thing the informed helicopter view. Having worked globally, in most emerging markets, and in-country, for independent and networked agencies, and as a consultant it is easy to see the potential for value destruction on both agency and client sides. Integration in the real world agency – both geographic and functional – usually means, at best, notional connectivity. The truth is there are very few practitioners with an insightful perspective on the health care universe. The following figure articulates integration using accepted communications practice descriptors.

Intgrated comms

Integrated Communications

What it shows is that there are indeed natural segues between disciplines:

  1. Science builds the Foundation – This is the Diagnostic phase, understanding needs and gaps
  2. Creativity drives brand Recognition – This is about Exploring responses to proposed product positioning
  3. Connections create a web of BeliefConviction will follow dialogic engagement around a consistent message
  4. The economic Value story leads ultimately to commercial Success – Payers can hardly look beyond aCompelling proposition.

The lack of genuine integration and significant bridging insight in real world practice however leads to wasted resources and time at these junctions.