Medical Communications – Business Unit Creation


Business Expansion | Building a Regional Medical Communications Division

Challenge: The APAC business of an established global advertising MNC with a strong regional presence in consumer health and wellness was looking to develop a medical communications division. Ethical pharma relationships, and evidence-based, science-driven business was responsible for only a small fraction of revenues and were essentially serendipitous.

Response: It was essential to first establish solid internal sponsorship. A framework plan was developed to demonstrate initial viability. APAC country leaders were then consulted and a core team was established, drawn from senior personnel across the markets. Qualitative viability was established and critical first steps were identified.

Results: The project core team met offsite for three days to hear insights that had been gathered from across the group, to respond to the outline plan and to commit and contribute to creating a regional offering. It was obvious there was genuine ability to leverage country client connections, pooled therapy area experience and a wealth of industry experience to create a new integrated capability that bridged the traditional branding and recently acquired market access capabilities of the business.

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