Mar 242013

Just came across this piece from a few months ago. Still, a perennial question remains about how to extract value from networks. Beyond the veil of security offered to clients from the array of dots on a map, which is nothing more than a virtue of scale, what really is there in terms of value-add? Given the realities of network members, namely…

  • the unique market parameters within which any given business unit works
  • the market-centric nature of the P&L
  • no apportioned P&L reflection of cross-market collaboration
  • few tangible rewards for individuals driving value growth beyond their profit centre,

what us there in reality to motivate networks – and their key business drivers – to leverage their collective potential. Surely agency roles should exist to disrupt this shortsightedness and focus on extracting bottom-line benefits accruing from collaborative drivers. Quite aside from the bottom line benefits, which should be motivating enough to mandate this approach, without adding some tangible nature to the nebulous concept of ‘the agency network’, in reality what evidence is there to help the client visualise the value?