Nov 242014

Straightforward pharma-bashing on one level but given that this is a UK column written through an ostensibly religious lens by Canon Fraser, it’s hardly being charitable in not mentioning pharma’s increased commitment to, eg rare diseases and CSR over the last few years. And, jarring with the principles of Fraser’s position (freedom of choice being a core tenet of Christianity) – it seems to overlook any notion of personal responsibility… for example he doesn’t consider that if people tried a bit harder to manage their diets and didn’t impose such high obesity-related costs, there would be more public resources freed-up, to be deployed in targeting those areas on which pharma quite legitimately can’t focus heavily. The author probably has a pension, it’s highly likely some of that balanced portfolio is invested in health care. Yes, it’s an opinion piece, and yes it’s in a left-leaning vehicle but even in this context it’s still a bit of a shame that shortsighted, unbalanced dogma persists about an industry and sector that has worked through a difficult few years.