Jan 292014

Last week I looked at the agency as a species in the context of Asia. Today I topline some of the emerging challenges, which though nuanced are in line with the increasingly complex demands of the sector globally.

  • How is or will value be created through deployment of new healthcare technology/therapeutics?
  • How will healthcare systems need to restructure/adapt to facilitate deployment of new technology/agents in a way that enables their value-extraction?
  • How will different demographics be satisfied? Populations differ constitutionally within markets, and they differ across markets, but they increasingly share the convergent aspirations of an increasingly homogenous ‘middle class’?
  • How to translate increasingly available – but not necessarily easy-to-use, and often fragmented – data into meaningful quantifiable value messages?
  • How to respond to the fact that payers, providers and patients will determine the value of healthcare – physicians will no longer be the sole – or even decisive – arbiters of what’s best?
  • How to communicate the genetic aspects of targeted drugs, personalised medicine, small and dispersed patient cohorts?
  • How to marry the changing status of the frontline practitioner with the growing concept of wellness, increasing consumer choice/activism, and active engagement in treatment selection vs the traditionally unengaged patient?
  • How to respond to the gradual shift of specialist treatment and primary care into integrated practice units, while providing a seamless continuum of care?
  • How to measure healthcare outcomes in the context of the real world setting? As the dominant lever for extracting value, the complexity of science+economics+multiple publics’ opinions will make messaging increasingly complex.